Message-based Integration

In most cases, the standard industry practice is to use message-based interactions for integrating different systems or solutions; for this purpose, Ecex.Exchange provides the following features:

  The ability to handle any kind of messages in ISO standard format, FIX, or others, as well as proprietary formats too

  The ability to configure any number of message flows based on message content

  Actions dependent on receiving a particular message by Ecex.Exchange can include one or more of the following elements:

  An API call to Ecex.Exchange

  Invocation of another standard flow already configured in Ecex.Exchange (like a standard callable process routine)

  Sending a particular message to one or more recipients through any of the following channels:

  Email

  SMS via integrated service provider

  ISO 15022 messaging network

  ISO 20022 messaging network

  FIX network

  FTP

  To an end user via the UI

  Specified network or other local message queue