Ecex.Exchange supports a flexible billing module that will provide the following features to the customer:

  •   Definition of one or more billing centres
  •   Definition of tariff rules for calculating the fees and charges for the CSD’s services
  •   Support for multiple currencies
  •   The ability to configure the automatic creation of billing event data based on operational triggers defined by the customer
  •   The ability to record expenses incurred on the behalf of service users such as postage and other out of pocket items
  •   Provision of an externally facing API to allow billing event data to be generated through integration with external systems
  •   Support for billing for a range of service users including:  Participants
     Issuers
     Investors  Ad hoc third party
  •   Automatic calculation of monthly charges for all service users based on the configured tariff rules and the accumulated billing event data
  •   Automatic generation of itemised invoices on the basis of the calculated charges
  •   The ability to manually edited the previously generated charges to make ad hoc changes
  •   The ability to manually create invoices to existing participants, issuers, investors or ad hoc third parties
  •   The ability to report, review, recalculate charges, and regenerate invoices until approved
  •   The optional ability to generate payment only instructions for invoices directed at settlement participants